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Networked Rights is a UK based non profit company founded by James Farrar.

Our objective is to help facilitate a much greater public understanding of the business networks which create and deliver the products and services which we consume every day. In particular, we aim to expose the hidden corners of these networks where environmental and social impact falls short of our expectations of the branded end product.

We will do this through:

  • Original investigative research  – we will expose the real conditions of our networks
  • Lobbying – we will present our research findings to policy makers and ask them to take action on your behalf.
  • Telling a compelling story – we will use the most creative methods to make our conclusions quickly and widely understood. For example, we will use film and drama to illustrate our stories to generate the greatest impact.

Our on going work:

  • James Farrar is helping private hire drivers in the gig economy organise to protect their rights and welfare and is a co founder of United Private Hire Drivers. He is also a lead claimant in an Employment Tribunal case in the UK to secure worker rights so as to guarantee minimum wage, occupational safety and paid holidays. In the old days the bosses provided the capital, the workers provided the labour and both argued over a share of the profits. In the Uber sharing economy, the workers provide the capital AND the labour yet see a dismal share of the profits and have little protection from labour laws. Technology is changing how we work and consume but one principle should be timeless – fairness
  • Land grabbing, hedge funds and supermarket promises – we are capturing the compelling story of land grabbing in eastern Europe by international hedge funds. The products and farming entities owned by these hedge funds are frequently recognized by major UK supermarkets as award winning and sustainable agriculture role models. We beg to differ. Coming soon.


Please contact us via email at newaccountability@riseup.net

About James Farrar:

James is a career long advocate of sustainability working in both the commercial and advocacy realms variously. For more info visit his Linkedin profile here.


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